Monday, 1 October 2012

My home-made ferret coats for winter walks!

Yes, ferrets are more comfortable in the cold of winter than they are in the summer heat, and they do have their own little fur coats but when there are so many coats on the market for dogs why shouldn't ferrets (as small as they are) have something to keep them extra snug?
There is a serious lack of coats online for ferrets, and the ones I did find were seriously out of my price range! So, I headed down to my local haberdashery and picked up some material for just under £8 which is enough for three coats! The coats I was looking at would have cost me well over triple that before postage!
I've made two so far, I still have Shiro's to do. Lola has a blue cherry print cotton fabric with a cream fleece lining and an adorable flower decoration whereas the boys have matching coats with a very patriotic design! They are secured with neck and belly straps that are fastened with velcro for ease of use. Once I've made Shiro's coat I just need to make a single 'buttonhole' on the back of each coat so that I can attach the lead to the harness underneath.
I obviously haven't got any pictures of Shiro in his little coat yet but here are the pics we got of Alfie and Lola....

See how much she's grown! (She used to fit in my hand)

Well, I hope you like them and don't forget to subscribe/join with GFC to keep up to date! I'm hoping to make some more bedding in the near future...