Thursday, 5 January 2012

The boys try a ferret bed set from

The boys tried out the turquoise and yellow bed set from ferretbeds and they were very impressed! The hammock has plenty of room for even two large ferrets to stretch out. The tent provides a cosy hideaway. Unlike the hammock it doesn't have any cushioning, I'm sure they wouldn't mind without but I added some fleece inside to make it extra cosy. They liked lying on top of and inside the cushioned sleeping bag, which again, is big enough for two. They enjoyed playing peekaboo with the play tube, which can be used with or without suspending it from the cage. The cardboard tube can be removed to enable washing. The material is of a good quality, although as with all bedding and toy products they will need checking regularly for wear and tear. They don't come with chain or clips for hanging, but inevitably the length of chain you need will depend on the design of your cage. You can pick lengths of chain and clips up from most good DIY or hardware stores. I use a different combination of clips for the three hanging products due to their different sizes. Ensure the hammock will not touch the ground once they are in or else it defeats the object of a hammock! On the other hand be aware of how high you are placing the products as they will need to be able to safely get in and out. This set cost me £15 (not including postage) and I am very pleased with my purchase (and so are the boys!) There are a variety of colours to choose from but she can make the products specifically for you if request it, if you want a different colour or size.

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