Saturday, 26 May 2012

Comfy couch bed from Crusher's comforts

The comfy couch bed is a novel design unique to Crusher's comforts. It comes in a sofa shape and a range of colours so that your ferrets can relax in style!
There are four colours currently available; Midnight blue with tiger print, Sunshine gold, Flame burst red and beige with leopard print fleece.
I picked the beige with leopard print as it fits in with our own d├ęcor better than any of the others. They are all made from pet friendly machine washable materials. Ours has fleece on the inner parts and a corduroy like material on the out-most sections.
The website specifies it as being 14" in length, however when I took measurements ours is 13" in length. The bottom cushion that the ferret sleeps on is 10" long and 9" wide at the widest point. The beds have four stretchy black straps that measure 3 1/2 inches in length. The ring that connects them to the 3" metal clip is 1" in size. So you're looking at an un-stretched length of about 7 1/2" for these straps in total. The bed has a front support strap that is 1" wide.
The metal rings are handy as they mean you can remove them and the clips before putting the bed in the wash.
Lets have a look at this bed then shall we?

Shiro waking up from a nap.

As you can see from my pictures the bed is large enough for my biggest boy Shiro to lay in quite comfortably. It is also large enough for both Alfie and Shiro to snuggle in. I would say that if you have very large males or quite a few ferrets in your group then you may need to request to have a slightly larger one made.
The comfy couches are currently £15 plus shipping. Shipping will be calculated depending on how much you are ordering and where in the world you are. 
To have a look at these beds, and the other great ferret products that they sell please follow this link which will take you to the comfy couch page. From there you can navigate away to the other goodies that they have to offer.

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