Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Clara's Art Studio: Fine artist and Illustrator

I'm absolutely in LOVE with Clara's work at the moment, particularly her ferret portraits and illustrations. Clara is a Cuban born artist, who drew her first picture at the age of three while visiting her Uncle's farm. She took courses in art while training to become a lab tech, but is now committed to her artwork. Now based in New Jersey, Clara takes commissions, often turning someone's much loved pet(s) into works of art.
Her love of ferrets began in 1987 when introduced to one by her daughter. She became deeply involved with  ferret rescue and the ferret community. She now has an extensive portfolio of ferret artwork, which is simply a delight to view. She uses various mediums and often uses mixed media in her work. A few of the mediums used are watercolours, acrylic, coloured pencils and graphite. Clara doesn't limit herself to paper either, wood and even metal mailboxes make an appearance in her portfolio!
Believe me when I say that picking just a few favourites is extremely difficult, but nevertheless here are a few of my favourite works by Clara. I hope you're sitting down as these just amaze me every time I look at them!
If ferrets could fly-Watercolour


If ferrets were free-Coloured pencil on paper

Acrylic ferrets on wooden plaque

Ferret wizard-Acrylics on wood.

These pictures just take my breath away! I wish that I had even half the skill that Clara possesses. Since I don't I'm commissioning her to do a portrait of Alfie, Shiro and Lola, I'm thinking about the ferrets on wooden plaque design pictured above. You can also get Clara to create an everlasting tribute to your beloved pets or buy some of her beautiful greetings cards by contacting her via her website clarasartstudio.com or her Facebook page. She paints other animals too, not just ferrets, as well as humans and still life. I'm still in awe at the moment! I'll let you all see my commissioned piece once it's all completed!

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