Saturday, 2 February 2013

Some favourite ferret toys.

Sometimes unfortunately, shop bought toys aren't as successful as home made ones, then at other times home made toys are overlooked in favour of bought toys. This is something quite possibly every ferret owner has been through! So I'm going to share with you some of my ferret's personal favourite toys in the hope you might find your guys' perfect boredom breaker!

Tunnels are always a great choice for our tunnelling loving friends. The bigger the better! I have a half tunnel with a closed end (not so clever as it collapses all the time), a small open ended red tunnel with cat toys attached and a large three sided combination tunnel with another hole in the centre which has lead to some pretty awesome ferret battles! Prices vary but do look around, something like this one on Ebay might be a good starter tunnel.

Alligator hide n sleep

I can not stress enough how great the Alligator hide n sleep toy is! All three love it! One can hide inside and use it like a ferrety fortress while others brave the snapping jaws (of alligator and ferret alike!) to try and claim the bowels of the alligator for themselves. As the name suggests it would make a perfect bed for smaller ferrets, but mine can never settle in it for long. As it is an American product, shipping to the UK can be pricey, but as before have a good look around on various sites for the best deal. I've found one on Health style emporium at the great price of £16.99 with free shipping. I don't think you'll find one cheaper than that, but if you do then please drop a comment below and let people know! Alligator hide and sleep

The cheapest and quite possibly their best toy is the 'dook cottage' (ahem) that I made quite simply by cutting a door and windows in a cardboard box (and drawing on a flowerpot of course!)
This was a big success but I then decided to add on an extension and a tunnel entrance... The tunnel entrance is just a small plastic play tunnel taped to the side of the box after I cut a hole the same diameter as the tube. et voila! A cottage play 'room' with three entrances! They go crazy zooming in and out of the door and the tunnel, the one on the inside trying to fend off attacks from all angles. It's great to watch and cost so little to make! If you don't have any large boxes laying around you could pop to your local supermarket and see if they have any they could give you.

Cat teasers are another good buy, except for if you have a serious stasher like Shiro around who will only try and take it to stash, not to play with.... They love jingling noises but beware of small bells and parts that can easily come off, such as feathers and fluff.

Till next time, have fun!

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