Sunday, 10 June 2012

Kit watch, 7 weeks

The kits are still growing at a fast rate! They are now 8 weeks old but I have photos of them aged 7 weeks. Their eyes are now open and they are growing in confidence as they explore their surroundings. They can manage solid foods such as chicken portions and day old chicks with no problems. They are already incredibly playful, it's not unknown for the odd tussle to break out between the babies, which is incredible to see as they are only the size of your hand right now!
Most of them have homes waiting for them, and I have to say, one will be coming to join us and our two rescued boys in a couple of weeks. I chose her when she was a week or so old, and I'm already very much attached to her since I've been following her progress all this time. We've decided to name her Lola, and we can't wait to introduce her to Alfie and Shiro, who we've now had for 8 months and are 14 months old.
Kits such as these are cute, but please remember that they do grow up, and don't stay tiny forever. We've chosen to adopt her from a very small from home breeder after rescuing Alfie and Shiro last year. I would say that if you are looking for your first ferrets then rescuing would be a very good way to go, as I've said before there are lots of unwanted ferrets in shelters, but they are often easier to train for first time owners as they will likely have had some bite training from the shelter's owner. Our two were aged 6 months when we got them, and they sure tested us when we took them home, but young kits can be even harder to handle. They need to be taught what is acceptable and what isn't, they will explore using their mouth-and most importantly teeth! But at the end of the day, any animal can bite, and young animals especially will nip. If you are not prepared to work through a little bit of nipping from a ferret-or any animal, then perhaps a young animal isn't for you!
I will hopefully be able to bring you one last picture update of these little kits before they leave mum for their new homes!



  1. That looks like Honey in the top pic! She looks so cute there, they've grown so fast :)

  2. Awww is it? She's adorable too! How's she getting along? Are you coming to any upcoming shows with her? Lola will be coming to the one on the 27th and then Norfolk and Suffolk's show on the 2nd Sept. :) Very excited!