Saturday, 16 June 2012

Our new addition, Lola.

Here she is, one of the babies that I have been watching from birth in my 'Kit watch' series that has recently finished. The kits are slowly going to their new homes and it's great for me to still be able to see some of them progress through Facebook.
We have named our little girl Lola, she is a sable blaze mitt. At the moment she sleeps in a separate cage to the boys as they are still getting used to each other. The boys can be a bit rough, they don't seem to realise how much larger they are in comparison. Shiro is also being quite protective of his cage and toys.
She has been with us since Wednesday and in all seems to be settling down okay. She loves toys of every variety and is such a little bundle of fun! The boys are still trying to work out what this little bundle of excitable fluff is I think! Hopefully they will bond in time, and I can move her into their cage with them.
Between play time and the all important nap times I've tried to capture her on camera as much as possible during this final stage of 'growing up'. Here are a few of my favourite photographs of Lola plus a little video of her having fun with a ball!

I hope you like Lola, I will update you of her progress with her adoptive brothers in a few weeks.
Bye for now!

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