Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Crusher's Chronicles Volume 2.

Those of you who read my feature on Crusher's chronicles volume 1 will already know about Crusher, the ferret behind the books and his crew. For those that (shock horror) missed it, you can check it out here


Volume two is another collection of funny stories about a real life group of ferrets living in the north of England. Like the first instalment there are 15 short stories with pictures and they are written from the point of view of Crusher, as he tells all about the hardships of running a team of 37 ferrets and his human parents on top of that!
In this book you can read about the 'Meerkat Mafia', runaway angoras in search of love and 'The British ferret party' plus much more!
There's a good share of ferrety romance in this, from the afore mentioned runaway angora love story, a young innocent Belle falling for a bad boy from up the hill and plenty of flirting when a new boy appears on the scene!
Here are my favourite quotes from 'The new boy on the block' chapter... ' "The name's Stockton, I came in last night, Mum and Dad brought me in from the east and from the eye candy I've seen down there, I will be staying." '
Crusher's response to this? ' I couldn't contain myself any longer, "Whose Mum and Dad! Do you mean our Mum and Dad? Anyway what sort of name is Stockton? Eye candy! Are you here just to wind me up? My name is Crusher and I'm top ferret round here." '
Despite Crusher's disapproval certain members of the group didn't seem to mind at all! ' "Is he stopping? Looks like a chunky hunk to me" Lydia sniggered.'
One of my favourite parts of the book is when Crusher gets into a rather sticky situation with some 'long eared carrot crunchers'. His in the moment reaction to this experience? ' Far too much to take, got to admit, resulted in me toileting all over Dad's nets'.

This is another cracking little book that any ferret owner/enthusiast should own! Treat yourself or why not get  one or both as a gift for the ferret lover in your life?
Buying the two together works out at a cracking £8.99 so these suit virtually any budget. Why not take a peek at their other ferret related goods and ferret bedding while you're there? Here is a link to the 'ferret goodies' page where you will find both volumes of Crusher's Chronicles.


Happy reading!

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