Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Crusher's chronicles, volume one.

Crusher's chronicles is brought to you by the people (and more importantly, the ferrets) behind Crusher's comforts, the one stop shop for ferret information and products, namely home-made bedding. For more information on Crusher's comforts please see my feature http://ferretdook.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/crushers-comforts-online-shop.html
Crusher, the world famous polecat coloured hoblet decided to get his dad Barrie to ghost write some stories of the adventures of team Crusher, as seen through the eyes of Crusher (naturally!)
The stories follow the adventures of Crusher and his team of 37 ferrets! What to expect from this book? Giant grass eating ferrets, ferrets training for the Olympic games and an all out war-ferrets vs meerkats! And that's only for starters!
One of my personal favourite parts is where Barrie tries to take some of the show ferrets rabbiting, what did Crusher have to say on the matter? "If the worse comes to the worst, do the biggest toilet all over dad's nets. That way he will grumble for a few days about how useless we are and take out the usual members of the crew in future". Now that is something I can very well imagine those sneaky little ferrets doing!
Poor Crusher though, not only can he not sleep due to all the stress of having to look after mum, dad and his team, but when he does finally get to snuggle down with his beloved Truffle he sometimes suffers from nightmares due to the things he has to witness as head ferret! "Had a difficult night's kip, dreamt Truffle had been seduced by a skunk and had a litter of skunk crossed ferrets with claws like Freddie Kruger!"
This is a cracking little book that had me chuckling out loud, so be warned if you plan to read it in public! All the ferrets portrayed in Crusher's chronicles really do exist, they all belong to owners/parents' Karen and Barrie. It was created to try and show owners some of the different personalities that exist in the ferret world, and some are bigger than others! (Mentioning no names-Crawford, aka The silver streak, who demanded a sport headband and ankle warmers amongst other things whilst training for the Olympics!)
Crusher's chronicles has 15 hilarious stories for you to enjoy, and is priced at £4.99 or you can buy volume one and volume two for the special price of £8.99 (limited time only). The following link will take you to the 'ferret goodies' page where you can select either volume one, volume two or the two together at the discounted price.
The line that has put my boy's noses out of joint? Caramac's thoughts on Crawford, (The silver streak) "I think Crawford's fit! Nice bum". They're just jealous that girls haven't said the same about them yet, give it time...

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