Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Spring 2012 photo competition results

I recently ran a photo competition through the Ferret dook Facebook page, which closed on the 9th April. All the entries were just fantastic, so it was so hard to pick a winner and two runners up!
You can take a look at all the entrants here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.404827692878048.105273.343843032309848&type=3
The competition winner was 'Casper out on a limb' by Scott Sexsmith from Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Here is Scott's entry.
Casper is the first ferret that Scott has ever had and has had him since he was nine weeks old. He will be three years old this month, so this will be a nice birthday present for him! Casper is now the alpha ferret of a gang of four. His favourite treats are n-bones and raw chicken eggs, yum! He loves playing in his ball pit, playing with plastic bags and tunnels. Casper's favourite thing to do has to be going on adventures with Scott into the wild parts around their city and will happily trot along beside him.
Isn't Casper adorable? 
The runners up are Gillian Patterson from Scotland with 'Frankie' and Scott Funk from North Carolina with 'Tony, Bandi and Lucy'. Here they are.

Tony, Bandi and Lucy.
Frankie is described as a 'very naughty little boy' who has perfected the 'butter wouldn't melt face'. Frankie (along with her other ferret Benny) is Gillian's first ferret and is nearly two years old. He was about one when the picture was taken. He loves coming up with schemes to get what he wants, and isn't afraid to be rough if you interfere in his plans! Gillian thinks that he must have a ferret trampoline hidden somewhere as Frankie will often come flying through the air at her when playing! Although Frankie seemed to pose quite nicely for this picture he apparently isn't that fond of his little raincoat, maybe yellow isn't his colour?

Tony is the newest member of the Funk household and is 4 months old.  He is a bit of a rascal and likes to taunt Scott with his toys, but never lets him have them, if he tries to take them away Tony will start to cry! He is deaf and likes to dunk his head underwater while drinking!
Bandi (full name Bandita) is around 3 and a half years old. She loves to play with special crocheted egg toys that aren't available in the shops. She has a slight wobble when she walks thought to be caused by an injury from when she was a baby (before being adopted).
Lucy is about 21 months old and belongs to Scott's son Tyler. She won't let anyone but Tyler hold her!  Her favourite game is to hide underneath the covers and attack anything from above and her favourite chew toy is Scott's hand!

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone else who entered, your ferrets are adorable and you should be very proud of them!
I'm hoping to do a summer competition with a theme (yet to be decided) so look out for it! Enjoy the rest of spring!

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