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Jake and Jasper: A ferret tale

Jake and Jasper: A ferret tale is a heart-warming movie with a ferret star! It is the tale of a young boy, Jake Tyler (played by Connor Stanhope) who is struggling to come to terms with the death of his mother. His father James (played by Andrew Jackson) is too distraught over his loss to care for his children Jake and Jesse (played by Nina Hagerty) properly. It is when Jesse moves out to escape from their father and leaves Jake a ferret to keep him company that his life changes forever.

Struggling to cope with the recent death of his mother, young Jake Tyler retreats from his family and the world at large.
After being involved in a violent fight with some older boys at school, he winds up in the principal’s office with his father who is told that Jake might benefit from professional help.
Unfortunately, Jake’s father has been unable to help himself through the loss of his wife. When not neglecting his son and daughter as a result, he’s furious with them.
Jesse (Jake’s sister) is so fed up with her selfish father that she moves out of the house but not without leaving a pet ferret, Jasper, to keep her brother company.
Jake & Jasper become fast friends as the two develop a strong bond. Yet just as this companionship seems on the verge of prying Jake from his shell, his father threatens to take Jasper away.
With the thought of losing his best pal, Jake decides to run away from home and the two get lost in a nearby forest. Then when darkness falls Jake & Jasper not only lose each other in the woods, they nearly lose their lives.

The film, which has been directed and produced by Alison Parker has had huge success around the world, with requests for subtitled versions in French, Japanese and German to name a few. Its success may have something to do with the fact that it is an all round family film, it's not just for animal lovers. The film deals with themes that we can all relate to such as love, loss and friendship. 
Jasper the ferret is played by Falcor, one of director Alison Parker's own ferrets. He didn't just get the role based on that though. Although Jake and Jasper is his first movie, Falcor has earned many fans from starring in several commercials, including one for Marshall's bandits ferret treats. Along with help and support from animal wranglers, Alison taught Falcor to go to a mark, dig in a certain spot, stay and stand up on command, using treats and clickers for reward based training. 
Animal lovers will be pleased to hear that not only is there a ferret in the film but it also features a wolf, horse, raccoon, great horned owl, skunk and rabbits. Alison says that working with the animals on set was a dream come true, as she dreamt of being a vet or zookeeper  as a child. The animals only work on their terms though! 
Jake and Jasper will hopefully show viewers what ferrets are all about, and help to dispel a few of the myths surrounding them. Alison was inspired by her own ferrets in particular and says of ferrets in general 'They are not rodents, they are not vicious, they are not stinky! Ferrets are very lovable and playful pets. Smart too'.
The cast and crew all volunteered their services to make the film, which was sponsored by brands such as Nintendo and Converse. It features the song 'Songbird' by Grammy nominated group Crash test dummies.
Here is the official Jake and Jasper trailer.

Jake and Jasper is a short film at 25 minutes and 14 seconds in length but is a movie that is sure to be watched again and again. The film is priced at $20 (plus shipping) and can be bought from the official Jake and Jasper website 
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If you love Jake and Jasper: A ferret tale then why not take a look at Alison's latest project 'The ferret squad' which is a feature film currently in production. Just follow this link to the Facebook fan page
Happy viewing!

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