Saturday, 7 April 2012

Wonky rocket toys by Anita 'Weaslemom'

Wonky rocket toys (pictured below) are the brainchild of Anita, who makes them by hand at her home. They are constructed of hard plastic rattles that Anita then crochets around. The plastic is virtually indestructible but as with any toy you will need to check them for damage after every use to avoid putting your fuzzies at risk. Anita can do practically any colour or colour combination depending on your requirements, whether it be a pink set for girls, a blue set for boys, a pastel coloured set for Easter or a Christmas colours set.
Ferrets absolutely love the wonky rockets. The rattle really excites them, they can fight with each other for possession using the three woollen 'tails'  and they are fantastic for stashing, as my ferret Shiro will tell you! It is generally thought that the wonky toys help maintain oral health as while they chew on them the wool rubs their teeth. They are often used as training aids and to help prevent biting. If you have a ferret that is a particularly bad biter then you simply offer them the toy or pop it in their mouth when they try to bite. This has worked for a number of people and definitely gives the hands a break! There is still much debate as to whether or not ferrets can see in colour, but it's not unheard of for them to take a liking to a particular colour wonky. Why not order a selection of colours and see which one your ferret prefers? At time of writing they are $2 each which roughly equates to £1.26 (not including shipping) when bought through the Polecat parlour creations page on facebook. Anita does ship her toys to the UK and this is best done in bulk to make the most of shipping. I ordered 12 wonky toys recently for my boys and I am very pleased, great value for money. It's worth speaking to Anita via Facebook (links at the bottom of this post) to discuss colours and prices.
If that hasn't convinced you, take a look at these pictures and videos from the day our wonky toys arrived!

This is Shiro trying to steal the wonky and stash it. He eventually gives up when I don't give it to him!

You can order wonky rockets for your ferrets via Polecat parlour creations on Facebook or alternatively visit her Facebook profile and send her a message

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